Friday, August 28, 2015

Mini Class Reunion at Deaf Seniors of America Conference - Asheville, NC - August 23 - 27, 2015

At the DSA conference at Asheville, NC, classmates of the Class of 72 met for breakfast at the Blue Ridge Restaurant. We enjoyed the buffet and the beautiful view overlooking the Blue Ridge and other mountain ranges. 
Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC

Jill Moebus, Debbie Johnston Friesen, Toni Falsetta, Vicki Shank, Fred Newberry
Judy Williams, Rita Spencer, Barry Harlan, Barbara Palmento

Linda Dampf Shaw, Garrod Shaw

Millie Russo, Frank Burbank, Barbara French Burbank

Rachel Stone
Camilla Anderson Ramborger, Bill Ramborger

Susan Smith Kallina, Sandra Loftin Evers, John Padden

Photo Credits: Vicki Shank

Submitted by Vicki Shank

Monday, August 17, 2015

Class News: Kjell Omhr Mork of Norway has Retired in 2013

(I met Pastors Ron Friedrich and Mark Ehrlichmann and they knew him from years ago. This morning Mark send me an article from the Deaf Oslo Church Bulletin in Norwegian which I have attached at the bottom of this posting. Here is the English Translation. Vicki)

Kjell Omahr Mork has retired
Posted on 03/01/13
Kjell Omahr joined this fall as sexton and retired. After over 20 years in service for Deaf Church in Oslo, he chose to step down and was AFP retiree. Kjell Omahr is a comic relief and has helped a lot of fun, great stories and experience both at lunch and coffee breaks.
Every Tuesday we have devotions with lighting candles and praying in Deaf Church in Oslo. Kjell Omahr was always in place. Your prayers we remember. In your prayers have often focused on the worldwide church, asked for cooperation and peace. I will thank you for. You have been a role model for us.
It touches you when disasters and accidents affected groups and countries. It has also put forward in your prayers by light globe. I hope you also retirement will be with us at the light globe on Tuesdays. We need you in prayer community.
In the fall, there were many who taught you to know in a new way, the employee paint in Molde. Where helped with singing, beautiful visual song that went to our hearts. You told me that you love song but it is because of your hearing loss, you lost some of what you loved most. But you continued to use hymns as an important part of your life of faith. Your story and testimony made an impression on us, and we are grateful for what you shared with us.
Kjell Omahr often say about himself that he is a potato. There are good term for you. You are an exciting and well-read theologian, literary and newspaper reader. You've never held your rich knowledge for yourself, but contributed with the working community, for the benefit and enlightenment for us.
It radiates dignity and scrupulous while leading the procession at the beginning of the service, and easy should not be to replace you there. You have also taken your sessions in the dishes in the kitchen and contributed to social gatherings in church with practical tasks.
We are pleased that Kjell Omahr still be living in Suhm street and join the community of the church. We wish you many good years in retirement.
Tor Einar Lie

Aktivitetskalender 1 - Gudstjenester i Oslo 2 - Andre aktiviteter i Oslo 3 - Gudstjenester i Vestfold og Telemark 4 - Andre aktiviteter i Vestfold og Telemark...

Submitted by Vicki Shank

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Class News: Stephen Harrison & other Class of 72 Classmates

The photo was taken in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada on June 27th, 2015.
Stephen R Harrison, JoAnne Robinson and Gordon Ryall attended the bingo fundraising event
for the Senior Citizen program.

The photo was taken in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada  on July 4th 2015.
Stephen R Harrison, JoAnne Robinson, Gordon Ryall and Susan Smith Kallina attended the Jericho School for the Deaf 100th anniversay reunion banquet. Gordon did not attended the school but his wife, Linda did.

Submitted by Stephen Harrison

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Class News: James Womack Interviewed by the Local Papers as Area's Sole Deaf Author

I was interviewed by the local paper here as the area's sole Deaf author

*  Click Here to read the article *

Amazon Kindle eBooks: Giant Dreams and Dragons

Amazon Kindle eBooks: Ares' Anger

Amazon Kindle eBooks: The Legend of the Bogeyman

Amazon Kindle eBooks: The PlanetDeath Chronicles

Contributed by James Womack

Autobiography of Father Thomas Coughlin on YouTube - 1980's?

Editor's Note: I thouroughly enjoyed viewing this video & I know you will, too.  I found this on  This video must be over 30 years ago.  How young Tom looked!  He still looks wonderful today.  ~ Susie T

Click Here to view the video

P.S.  Earlier I published the video of how Thomas established the Camp Mark 7 on this webpage, apparently the video did not work through Facebook.  I apologize for this inconvenience.  I will try to fix this problem soon.

Class News: Camp Mark 7 - Interview with Thomas Coughlin by Sean Markel

Our dear classmate, Father Thomas Coughlin - Founder of Camp Mark 7.

Click Here to view the Video

Video Credit: Sean Markel 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Class News: Guess Who Nancy Kelly-Jones and Clyde Jones ran into?

Small world!  Clyde Jones and Nancy Kelly-Jones were in Salt Lake City for a church conference this weekend (October 3, 2014). Guess who they ran into at the Family History Building?!  None other than Stephen Ehrlich!

Contributed by Nancy Kelly-Jones & Clyde Jones

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Obituary: Bernice Hoeper's Memorial Service - Monday, May 4, 2015

Senior Picture - 1972

Bernice Hoeper's memorial service will be held on Monday, May 4, 2:00pm, at
                              Calvary Lutheran Church
                              9545 Georgia Avenue
                              Silver Spring, MD 20910

The church is located on Georgia Avenue on the south side of the Beltway (495).  There is limited parking in the front, primarily for those who need accessible parking.  Parking is also permitted along the driveway at exits the parking lot, and on the streets behind the church.  The church is about a 1/4 mile hike from the Metro Red Line Forest Glen station.  (See for more information.)

A light reception will follow the service.

Calvary Lutheran Church is the host for Bernice's church fellowship, Christ Lutheran Church of the Deaf.

For questions, contact
(From Facebook) Bernice Hoeper: At about 6:00 this morning (April 23), the angels escorted Bernice Hoeper into the arms of her Lord. She died peacefully and painlessly. Thank you, All, for your support and encouragement for Bernice during her last difficult year. You kept her spirits up and you helped to lighten the load of everyone who cared about her and cared for her. Lynne Douglas and I will prepare Bernice's funeral arrangements after the Borchardt family has discussed what they would like done.

Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am." (John 14:1-3) Pastor Ron Friedrich

(From Vicki Shank)  Bernice Hoeper was a Sociology Major and was the oldest member of our Class of 72    Her husband Eugene passed on about 20 or 25 years ago.   During Gally days, they were married and he would bring her and his dog to campus every day Mon to Fri for her classes.  

(From the 1972 Tower Clock) "Has her patient husband and dog waiting for her to finish classes each day ... May have entered college late but is really with it .... Gamma Delta, Psychology Club, Phi Alpha Pi .... Can be seen working voluntarily at St. Elizabeth Hospital ... Plans to do graduate studies for Psychiatric Social Work.

Submitted by Vicki Shank

Read Here ... Source: Baltimore Sun - Added May 1, 2015